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Volvo Saved My Life

"Cars are driven by people. The guiding principle
behind everything we make at Volvo, therefore, is
and must remain safety." -Assar Gabrielsson and
Gustaf Larson, Volvo Founders, 1927

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Scott Bradfield wrote in to let us know how the 2023 Volvo XC60 Collision Avoidance System saved not only his wife's life, but others as well.

"My wife has spoken for several years on always wanting a Volvo. Year after year it would come up. 2022 we were in a position to finally get what she always wanted. She always drove a Ford. We have a 2018 Edge that I drive. I Preorder a 2023 B5 XC60. This was the first time ordering a vehicle where I just selected what I wanted, just like my computer. Finally receive her vehicle in the Fall of 2022 and she loves it. Fast forward to her 45th birthday in 2023, only months later. She took off work which is rare and treated herself to a massage. After leaving the 90 minute massage, she headed home around noon. Almost immediately after leaving, her New Volvo, that she always wanted likely saved her life and definitely saved serious injury.

She proceeded down a four-lane avenue in York PA, headed toward I-83. This road is mostly a hill as you head to a traffic light at the bottom. On this road a Ford Escape came down the hill at an extremely high rate of speed (over 100 limit 35) headed directly to the back of my wife's car. At the last fraction of a second, the Volvo emergency avoidance kicked in and took over moving her vehicle into the left lane avoiding the potentially deadly accident. She had no time to react. There were alerts on her display indicating what the vehicle did. We HAD NO IDEA it could do this. If this happened more than 6 months prior, she might not have survived her 45th birthday.

Joking now, I told her this sounds like some bad Syfy movie where hundreds of years in the future, a time traveler plants a subtle seed in her mind as a child that she must have a Volvo prior to her 45th birthday as it will save her life and, in the future, all of humanity!"

Francisca Secor's Story

My name is Francisca Secor I have been driving Volvos since my first car. I am 24 years old now and have been in two major accidents. My white Volvo s60 in the photos above they show the aftermath of driving and not being aware of the other vehicle in front of me had slowed down while exiting the highway. I hit them straight on from the back. Thankful the other car was fine, and the driver was as well. I was unscathed and the other two people in my car was also unscathed.

My Volvo took all the damage and kept everyone safe. These cars are the embodiment of safety. They will protect you and your loved ones. Volvos are the only car for me.

Secor Volvo Cars New London CTSecor Volvo Cars New London CT


Sean Trafford tells the story of when him, his wife and daughter all survived their Volvo being struck by a truck that was going in excess of 90 MPH. If it wasn't for their Volvo, they may not have survived the accident.