Volvo Lease Pull Ahead Program


Secor Volvo

We Will Make Your Last 8 Lease Payments


Secor Volvo Simple Lease Pull Ahead. We will make your Last 8 Lease Payment.

Take your place behind the wheel of the new luxury car, wagon or SUV you've always wanted by taking advantage of the Volvo Lease Pull Ahead Program through Volvo Car Financial Services.

If you are currently leasing a Volvo vehicle from Volvo Cars, then you could be eligible for the Six Month Lease Pull Ahead Program from Volvo Cars PLUS an additional two payments from Secor Volvo. This program can help you get into the driver's seat of a brand-new Volvo sedan, wagon, or SUV earlier than you originally planned. At Secor Volvo Cars , we want to help our customers have the best driving experience possible, so learn more about this excellent program and how it can benefit you.

VCFS Offer Details

The VCFS Lease Pull Ahead Program allows qualified VCFS lease customers the opportunity to return their vehicle prior to the maturity date simultaneously finance or lease a new Volvo through VCFS to receive a waiver of up to their eligible lease payments on their existing lease, a waiver on the lease disposition fee.

Model Eligibility

Current Model: S60 S60CC SBO V60 V60CC XC70 V90 V90cc s9O XC40 XC60 XC90

Offer Details:

All VCFS lease accounts are eligible except single payment lease. Customers must finance or lease a New 2021 Volvo through VCFS. Certified by Volvo vehicles are not eligible. Offer is valid through June 1, 2021

Care by Volvo subscription transactions are excluded from VCFS Pull Ahead Program. Customers must provide a copy of their most recent VCFS lease statement.

Customers currently past due or with accrued and outstanding late fees are not eligible.• Payments already made on a VCFS lease account cannot be reimbursed. • Customer is responsible for excess wear & use, excess mileage,and any other obligations such as property tax under their current VCFS lease agreement.• The program is offered to customers with six (6)or fewer months remaining on their current lease depending on model eligibility: • VCFS willwalve up to six (6) remaining monthly payments and the $350 vehicle turn-in fee when customer simultaneously finances or leases a new vehicle through VCFS.

Secor Volvo Offer Details

Secor Volvo will waive an additional 2 payments on any Volvo Leases through VCFS up to a total of $1400 in remaining lease payments. Offer valid with MSRP pricing, all incentives to dealer.