Volvo Pure Electric Vs Tesla


Volvo Pure Electric Vs Tesla


Volvo Pure Electric Vs. Tesla: Which Should You Choose?

Electric vehicles are more popular than ever before, meaning drivers in New London now have more options. While Tesla remains a top choice for many drivers, Volvo Pure Electric vehicles are tough competition. Which electric brand should you go with? We are happy to help you learn about each below and how Volvo Pure Electric beats out Tesla. Feel free to reach out to our expert team members whenever you have questions about our electric lineup.



There are many benefits to owning a Volvo electric vehicle over a Tesla. For one, every Volvo electric car comes with Google built-in, helping you connect automatically to your digital life and conveniences. Automatic over-the-air updates ensure your infotainment system and vehicle are always up to date. Many electric Volvo vehicles also come with 100% leather-free interiors, something Tesla models cannot claim.

Another benefit of the Volvo electric vehicle lineup is that there is more variety. Drivers can find electric Volvo, hybrid Volvo, and plug-in-hybrid models. Tesla vehicles are all entirely electric, losing out on variety. With many more differences and benefits to find, many drivers can find a home on the road with a new Volvo electric model.


Model Comparisons

As the electric industry grows, so does the competition. Both Tesla and Volvo now offer great electric options for drivers of all types. But how do they compare?



While the Tesla Model Y is one of the most popular electric models on the road, it finds stiff competition from the Volvo C40. The Volvo C40 offers good interior quality, an intuitive infotainment system, integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a smooth ride, all things the Tesla Model Y fails to offer. It is easy to see who the Volvo C40 can be the better option in the long run. It offers more convenience features, great horsepower and acceleration, and a generous list of standard and available features.


There are many things going for the Volvo XC40 and fewer things to look forward to in the Tesla Model X. The easiest way to understand the difference is that the Tesla Model X is more expensive, offers a mediocre cabin, and provides a complex touch screen and infotainment controls, all problems that do not exist in the Volvo XC40. The Volvo XC40 offers quick and responsive acceleration, deft handling, and a long list of standard and available features. In other words, the Volvo XC40 is the obvious choice for many buyers.


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If you want to bring home a new electric Volvo vehicle, do not hesitate to schedule a test drive. Buyers can see the difference between Volvo electric vehicles and competitors when they climb inside for a test drive. We are more than happy to help you set one up today if you give us a call. We love to serve the Groton and Windham communities.

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