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Whether you've never popped the latch or you're a seasoned DIY vet, there's always a lot at stake under the hood of your car. So when you have to take matters into your own hands, make sure you do so with the best. We only stock genuine Volvo parts at our dealership near Groton CT, so manufacturer-recommended quality is a guarantee. And let's be honest: your car deserves nothing short of perfection.

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Secor Volvo Cars New London CT

Brake Discs

Only Volvo Genuine Brake Discs are built to meet the demands of the road and the exact requirements of each vehicle's complete braking system. That means better performance, higher braking capacity, and fewer failures-even in extreme weather conditions.

Secor Volvo Cars New London CT

Brake Pads

Volvo's sophisticated braking system depends on seamless interaction between brake parts and Volvo software. With the wrong parts, the safety systems may not perform properly. Only Volvo Genuine Brakes will keep advanced tech like City Safety performing as intended.

Secor Volvo Cars New London CT

Cabin Filter

Cabin air filters ensure a healthy in-car environment with a fine dust layer and one or two layers of active carbon that remove harmful particles, pollen, dust, odors, and ground-level ozone from the incoming air. Because safety isn't just about avoiding external hazards, it's also about the health of the people in the car.

Secor Volvo Cars New London CT

Engine Air Filter

Engine air filters trap harmful particles from the air entering the engine cylinders. Regularly checking and replacing the filter keeps your Volvo's engine breathing clean air and keeps the differential pressure level low, which improves performance, helps avoid repairs, and could reduce fuel consumption by up to 4 percent.

Secor Volvo Cars New London CT

Oil Filter

Volvo Genuine Oil Filters help maintain fuel economy and lower exhaust emissions by effectively trapping dirt, dust, and other harmful particles that could otherwise escape to the engine and cause excessive friction. Replace yours at least once a year to keep your engine performing up to Volvo standards.

Secor Volvo Cars New London CT


Every Volvo Genuine Tire is precision engineered for a specific Volvo model. When it's time to replace yours, only trust Volvo Genuine Tires to match your original tires and help optimize fuel consumption, noise levels, braking, steering, stability, wet grip, and overall driving comfort.

Secor Volvo Cars New London CT


Volvo Genuine Windshields support the function of about 20 of Volvo's advanced safety systems. These systems are so sensitive to the smallest differences in optical tolerance, glass thickness, and mass that they may not function properly with any other windshield. Only an installation at a Volvo retailer will guarantee its built-in safety.

Secor Volvo Cars New London CT

Wiper Blades

Lines, smears, noises, and vibrations made by worn wiper blades can compromise your safety. Change them at least once a year and make sure to use Volvo Genuine Wiper Blades-the only ones designed for optimized pressure distribution with higher graphite for better wiping performance and visibility in any conditions, at any speed.