Leasing VS. Buying a New Volvo

Leasing vs. Buying a Volvo in New London, Connecticut

Just when you thought all the difficult decisions have been made, that you can ride off into the sunset with your new car, you're strapped with yet another mind-boggling dilemma: Do you purchase or lease? Unless you are experienced in car financial matters, you face the troubling reality of determining which of the two is the better match for your budget and driving intentions. In order to make your life easier and ensure you are partnered with the best financing opportunity, we at Secor Volvo have highlighted the benefits of the two.

Secor Volvo Cars New London CT

Secor Volvo Cars is located in the beautiful seaport city of New London, CT. We are proud to be a part of this vibrant community and provide finance options to our shoppers during the buying process. Buying a new or pre-owned vehicle is a big financial decision; if you're unsure of the options available, it can become a headache. Located just off Broad St, drivers can easily reach out to set up a meeting with our finance experts or book a test drive today.

Discover Financing that Works for You Near East Lyme, CT

Most drivers with their sights set on purchasing a new or pre-owned Volvo vehicle choose to finance. The goal of our team is to help you understand all your options and find something that works within your budget. The two most common methods of financing are buying through a traditional loan or leasing. Each of these could be the right fit, but it all depends on the type of driver you are and your financial standing. By meeting with our finance team near Old Lyme, CT, we can get a clear idea of your situation and how best to move forward.

Buying Through Traditional Loans

Say you're interested in a new Volvo C40 Recharge! Our finance team would explore different lender options to secure a loan at an affordable rate for the monthly payments. Plainly speaking, this means that you get a lump sum loan that you will pay back over a period of time.

We provide guidance to ensure it's a fair rate that works with your budget. Traditional loans like this will eventually end, and the buyer will own the vehicle. This allows for a lot of freedom over the Volvo vehicle, such as customization and the ability to sell or trade at some point.

Leasing Terms Around Groton, CT

Leasing is a very different type of auto financing. Leasing will typically cost less each month in payments, but only because drivers are not buying the vehicle. Leasing a new Volvo S60 would just mean that the driver is paying for the time spent behind the wheel. However, one of the best benefits of leasing is that drivers can upgrade in just a few years. This option is best for drivers that like to switch things up and get the latest new Volvo vehicles when they come out.

Check Out Our Finance Tools Online

We offer drivers excellent leasing deals and outstanding Volvo vehicle incentives. Have our finance team review different specials and deals to find out if you're eligible! Shoppers can also take advantage of the various online finance tools we have available. Fill out a financial application to get the jump on the buying process.

This will allow our team to take the initiative and figure out rates that will best suit your credit standing, whatever it may be. For Windham, CT, drivers looking to offset the cost of a new Volvo XC40 should consider trading in their current vehicle. Our finance team can walk you through the steps, or you can check out our trade-in tool online.

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Contact our finance team or visit our Volvo dealership in New London, CT when you're ready to secure the Volvo of your dreams! Our team would be happy to meet and answer any concerns you might have. Discover all the ways that you can snag a new Volvo and still find fantastic deals to help you along. We look forward to meeting and seeing you off in a new Volvo car or SUV in no time!