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At Secor Volvo Cars in New London, it's our pleasure as a Volvo dealership near East Lyme to offer the added benefit of Volvo Increased Protection plans.

By making this offer, Secor Volvo is simply enhancing the Volvo Experience. And with any coveted Volvo luxury SUV, sedan and wagon, the more protection enabled through Volvo Increased Protection plans, the more peace-of-mind comes with your Old Lyme commute.

Volvo Increased Protection Plans - The Details

With several plans to choose from, each Volvo Increased Protection plan is designed for optimal levels of care, maintenance and servicing. They provide an extension of coverage not seen with other automakers and their respective dealerships near Groton.

So, browse below those Volvo Increased Protection plans and the various details surrounding:

Extended Service Contract

The Volvo Extended Service Contract will cover all the essentials when it comes to your new, Volvo XC60 Mild Hybrid or Certified by Volvo pre-owned, Volvo XC40. Tailored towards your needs and circumstances, the following items are conferred:

  • Roadside assistance and trip-interruption benefit offers on-call assistance when needed.
  • If some issue interrupts your trip, all aspects of a safe stay will be reimbursed should repairs last overnight near Windham.
  • The rental benefit supplies a rental while your Volvo is being repaired.
  • Volvo Genuine Service and parts are at the cutting edge of Volvo engineering and skill. In this, safety is never found to be fleeting given Volvo Cars' integrity is furthered during repair processes and parts installed.

Prepaid Maintenance

Certain Volvo pilots have their driving habits and style.

So, to take care of wear associated with brake pads, rotors and wiper blades, there's a Prepaid Maintenance term customizable. This coverage may be utilized at any authorized Volvo retailer across the country.

Excessive Wear & Tear Advantage

The weathering that takes place on any vehicle can be extensive and costly to mitigate. And if you've leased your Volvo S90 luxury sedan, this plan provides a perfect solution to maintaining your Volvo until lease end.

By selecting the Volvo Excessive Wear & Tear Advantage plan, items and benefits of the following are earned:

  • Up to $10,000 of applicable charges are waived when your Volvo V60 lease ends.
  • Coverage extends to tires and their vitality.
  • Glass chips and cracks, and remediation are covered within that $10,000 threshold.

Appearance Protection

For most, the upkeep of Volvo interiors and exteriors is of paramount concern.

When you care for such things as interior fabrics, vinyl and leathered items, it's demonstrative of integrity. As well, exterior aspects and elements of paint and dents do much to enhance the value of your Volvo XC60 when it comes time to trade at Secor Volvo.

Added advantages comprise the repair of windscreens inflicted with chips and cracks, and key and keyless remote replacement. Tires and wheels experiencing damage caused by road hazards and accidental run-ins with curbs in Groton will be duly repaired.

Volvo Increased Protection Plans - The Beneficial Nature of Selection

Dependent upon your location in East Lyme or the commute to Windham, all Volvo pilots have their different driving styles.

By selecting an appropriate Volvo Increased Protection plan, you've got a tailored approach to ownership or leasing. For Volvo owners, the value of your Volvo XC40 will be enhanced should anything be found in need of repair or servicing.

With leasing, Volvo Increased Protection plans do much to allay concern when your lease end nears. It will have been the lessee's responsibility in caring for any Volvo leased model.

Secor Volvo - Your Old Lyme Location for Volvo Increased Protection

Contact our local Groton area dealership for more information on the benefits of Volvo Increased Protection plans.


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