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  • Sean Trafford
    General Sales Manager

  • Steve Matters
    Finance Manager

    Steve recently joined the team at Secor Imports after spending several years with Subaru. Steve has been involved in the car business since he was 18, but also worked as a Paramedic in the City of Hartford for many years. Steve does his best to make every client interaction a truly exceptional experience. If you need your new mobile phone paired to your car, or need to find a great new or pre-owned vehicle that fits your budget, Steve is here to make your visit a great one! Stop in soon to meet Steve and the rest of the team at Secor Imports.

  • Bear Dalton
    Marketing Director

    Throughout my life my family was always composed of avid auto enthusiasts.  My father was always working on a Classic Car, doing engine swaps and custom modifications for what seemed like a continual endeavor.

    Watching my father and listening to his enthusiasm about the cars and motors and racing, I was able to gain a great deal of knowledge about vehicles, how they operate and how to make the most with each one.

    For the greater part of the past decade I have dedicated my life to bringing dealerships to life through Digital and Traditional Marketing, as well as Business Development Center operations.

    At Secor Auto, we carry great brands with a passion for what they do which makes it easy to convey that passion to our customers through our online presence as well as in store. 

    Secor Volvo Cars and Secor Lotus carries such an amazing product that it speaks for itself.  It is awesome to be working with a Company that has such great potential and I look forward to helping grow our company and advance us into the future by selling great cars to great people. Please come in, I would love to meet you and welcome you to the Secor Family too.

  • Stephen Plona
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    860-442-3232 ext.106

    Many people recognize Steve, who has been selling Secor new and used Volvo and SAAB  cars for 28 years, as someone who genuinely is interested in and intellectually curious about his customers, their desires, life  passions, and automotive needs.  Steve likes learning new things about people and their cars, which stems from a genuine love for cars and a need to know what motivates people and their personal tastes.  Steve's loyal fan base attests to his respect for his customers and desire to go the extra mile for them,  When asked why customers like working with him Steve modestly responds, "I always try to treat people the way I want to be treated myself. This is true in conversation or whether it's a very small item or a luxury vehicle they are purchasing.  At Secor's we have always tried to differentiate ourselves from other dealerships by our customer service like driving to Vermont to pick up a car on Christmas Eve, delivering a car to someone's home to surprise a spouse, or showing their teenager how to drive in wintry conditions.  We always give our best in personal service and attention to make sure our customers are satisfied."  In his spare time Steve is restoring a classic wooden 1956 sailboat, and enjoys spending time with friends.  Stop in soon to meet Steve at Secor Volvo and discuss your new or used import auto needs in a family vehicle, SUV, or sports car.  Steve will be delighted to help you.

  • Diane Gebhard
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    860-442-3232 ext.105

    Diane has been selling Secor new and used Volvos for nineteen years in New London and four years before that in California.  "I have enjoyed the interaction with new and loyal customers throughout the years.  You really can't beat the product because it's the best. It has great style and performs at superior levels. Volvo really does what it is supposed to do to keep you safe, protect you from harm, and be fun to drive.  Our customers love their cars and, seriously, everyone has a story to tell about a Volvo accident and how the car saved their life, that of a friend, sister, pet, etc.  There's even a web site where people share their stories and photos (  My daughter sent a text and picture she took on her way to school of a Volvo that was crushed in an accident but the driver walked away.  Thankfully she was in a Volvo, and I was grateful that my daughter was in one too!  I love conveying the core values of our cars because I want our customers to know what they stand for, what value, longevity and integrity mean when you buy a Volvo from Secor Volvo."  In her spare time Diane enjoys spending time with her family, going to her three kids' activities and sporting events with her husband, enjoying the pool, outdoor summer fun, gardening, and their new, 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy.  Stop by Secor Volvo soon to meet Diane and talk with her about a new or used Volvo.

  • Eric Weiss
    Service & Parts Director
    860-442-3232 ext.103

    Eric Weiss, Service and Parts Director at Secor Auto Center has been in the automotive business for 40 years. A lifelong automotive enthusiast, Eric earned an AS degree in Automotive from Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY, and a BA in Industrial Technology from Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, CT. Eric has been with Secor's for 23 years after working for Saab Scania's Eastern Region as the Regional Service and Parts Manager. Eric is married and has two children: Lauren, a recent Mt. Holyoke graduate and Max, who is studying film at Emerson College in Boston. In his spare time, Eric enjoys restoring antique cars, Sports Car Club of America road racing, motorcycling and attending comic cons with his kids. Eric has a true passion for cars and people and is happy to help with any automotive needs. Stop by to see Eric to discuss your service and parts needs soon.

  • Christopher Moffitt
    Parts Manager
    860-442-3232 ext.126

    Chris Moffitt has worked for Secor Auto Center for 18 years and became Secor Volvo Parts Manager last year. Chris has always loved cars and has worked since he was a junior in high school at various auto parts stores. Secor Volvo is the first dealership he has worked for and when asked what he loves about his field Chris responds, "I like helping people fix their problems." In his spare time Chris loves to play music - guitar, bass, drums, you name it - and enjoys fishing and camping with his family and friends.

    Stop in to see Chris for your Volvo part needs.

  • Jake Weiss
    Sales Consultant

    The three things I loved the most since I was little were cars, rocks, and food! Growing up my father had a 1974 Triumph TR6, and my mother had a 1979 Mercedes Gazelle. And I loved them. I have fond memories of always begging my parents for rides in their cars and of working on them with my father. He used to take me out to the British by the Sea car show every summer in his car and I fell in love with cars. As I got older, my love and appreciation for cars just got stronger, and after graduating college, I landed a job working as a car salesman here for Secor Auto Group. Every day I come into work is a great day because I get to work first hand with such amazing cars and spread the joy of ownership and the driving experience with each customer I get the pleasure to assist! From Volvo and Lotus, to Subaru, Dodge, and Jeep. I am always surrounded by such amazing and cool cars! I love what I do and I couldn't ask for a better place to work!

  • Anthony Mitchell
    Sales and Leasing Consultant

    Growing up I spent a lot of time at the Waterford Speed bowl my family used to race stock cars there. 

    I gained a love for cars especially ones that went fast. My first two cars I owned were both Mustangs and I still love them to this day. 

    Now that I'm older and a proud father of two handsome boys, I get to start that same love for everything automotive with my sons by having such an amazing job. It's great when you can wake up every day and be around something you love and are passionate about.

    Helping people has always been very important to me and helping people find the perfect car for them is a great feeling. I hope to be able to find you the car that you fall in love with

  • Kayleigh Sweet-Trew
    Online Sales Representative
    860.442.3232 EXT-105