Volvo Safety



Protecting What's Important

Some things get better every day. Our vision is that no one should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo car by 2020. Since 1927, when the founders of Volvo Cars decided to focus on safety as one of the core values of the company, we have been a leader in the field. That will never change. What will change is the breadth of technologies we employ to improve your driving experience and safety

Safety Sets You Free

Our focus on protecting and caring for people has made Volvo Cars a leader in safety, inspiring innovations such as the design and implementation of the first three-point safety belt, the first booster cushion for children, and the Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) that have helped to save countless lives and prevent injuries for generations of people all over the world. These innovations are the result of Volvo Cars approach to safety - a systematic approach based on real-world situations that is unique in the car industry.


Safety and driver assistance technology

IntelliSafe is designed to provide everyday peace of mind and convenience by helping you stay in full control.

 IntelliSafe Standard
 IntelliSafe Surround
 IntelliSafe Assist
Volvo Cars offers one of the most high-tech safety systems as standard equipment in your new Volvo. Every new Volvo includes a host of advanced driver assistance features, from Autobrake and Steering Support to our patented safety cage.Our optional IntelliSafe Surround pack includes BLIS (Blind Spot Information) with steer assist, Cross Traffic Alert with brake support and Rear Collision Warning, giving you all the information and support you need to know about vehicles or objects in your vicinity.The optional IntelliSafe Assist pack includes everything you need to enable a more controlled and relaxed driving experience - especially on highways. IntelliSafe Assist includes Adaptive Cruise Control, Pilot Assist, Distance Alert (only combined with head up display).
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