With any Volvo recall repair or warranty visit, trust Secor Volvo Cars implicitly.

In being a Volvo-dedicated dealership, we offer a state-of-art Volvo service facility capable of all repairs related to recalls and warranties.

Such work performed elsewhere might prove more harmful than the benefit of Volvo expertise brought to bear near New London, CT.

The Value of a Volvo-Certified Service Center Outside East Lyme, CT

Should a Volvo recall be issued, there's no other place to take your prized Volvo SUV. The same is true of warranty coverage extended.

At Secor Volvo Cars, our factory-trained technicians are also Volvo-certified in all aspects of service, maintenance and repairs. In this would be the trust that everything is handled in accordance with Volvo protocols and guidelines.

The Importance of Valid, Volvo Warranties Near Old Lyme, CT

It should be noted that any work performed at a facility that isn’t Volvo certified may invalidate warranties. This is also consistent with generic parts installed near Groton, CT.

As a Volvo-certified service center, all work performed has the inherent sense of Volvo excellence and detail. And with parts installation, be assured only Volvo OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) components will be drawn from a healthy supply on-hand.

Secor Volvo Cars – At-the-Ready for Your Recall Repair, Warranty Visit Near Windham, CT

With any questions regarding present recalls or those concerning Volvo warranties, simply contact us or schedule your service appointment today.

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