Very happy with her new XC40

Bob Doyle saw us on the lot and when his sales people were busy, he didn't hide or brush us off or made us wait...nope, he jumped right in and give us his time. He even came on a test drive with us and being a Subaru die hard for years, he actually 'SOLD' me on the XC40 Volvo! His personality was infectious and made it a very easy decision! Diane helped us though the process and has been great with follow up. Steve pitched in and gave me a Grade A tour of my new car with all the bells and whistles! Anthony puts a huge smile on your face as he's taking your money, so it's less painful but enjoyable AND quick!! That was the fastest lease experience to date! I am very happy with my new baby and know that she'll be in good hands upon every return to Secor!
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